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As a godly woman I’m not to base decisions on impressions or feelings alone. I’m to seek God’s will on everything, and make decisions based on criteria that are far more biblical than mere feelings. My feelings are far too shallow to trust. I’m supposed to come to understand God’s will using a set of biblical principles.

George Mueller was a Christian man who started several orphanages in England in the mid-1800s. He based every decision on five steps, which he shared in a book called Answers to Prayer. These principles are straightforward and understandable, so I use them to help me decide what God’s will is for me. They go like this:
1) get your ‘self’ out of it, so that you have no will of your own;
2) don’t leave the result to feeling or simple impression;
3) let any leading from the Spirit line up with the Word, so you know it is biblical;
4) consider providential circumstances;
5) ask God in prayer to reveal His will;
6) do this two or three times, praying, studying the Word, reflectin…

Ephesians 6:13-18 -- The Armor of God


Let truth surround me,
Let righteousness defend me,
Let peace motivate me,
Let faith shield me,
Let salvation cover me,

Let the Word of God go forth.