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Rushing Streams and Solid Rocks

Falls River, 4.25" x 3.25" gouache on Somerset Black Velvet printmaking paper
I'm preparing some 'rocks and water' paintings to share on WetCanvas soon in a thread devoted to that theme. I love painting this subject matter and wanted to show submerged rocks in this one. 
Green River Falls, 6.5x4.5 (paper size) also on Somerset Black Velvet
I left a border on this one, making it quite dramatic, I think. Below is a close up to show you the loose brushwork I enjoy.

Colorado Runoff, 3.5 x 2.5" gouache on Bristol Vellum
This one is meant to demonstrate the splash that's so much fun with gouache. Adding those sparkling lights last is always a thrill.  ___________
Like these rocks that seem so stable and unmoving, despite the rush of water around them, I will not be moved. 

"To stand"= histÄ“mi (Gk.) : to place, put, setto make firm, fix, establish to set or place in a balanceto stop, stand still, to stand immovable, stand firmcontinue safe and sound, stand unh…

Green without 'Green'

Elena's Greens 12" x 9" pastel on Wallis paper
I taught a class last week on how to paint greens without using any actual green pastel sticks. Instead I layered a lot of turquoise, cobalt, cerulean and ultramarine blues with gold, yellow, yellow-ochre and pale orange to arrive at 'green' colors. In the course of the painting I used almost every other hue in my palette, except true green. This exercise helps illustrate the almost unlimited palette of colors you can derive from using what you have creatively.
Isn't that a lot like life with the Lord? When I look at what He's given me, the talents and giftings from Him, the experiences I've lived through as I've grown to trust Him, there's every reason to be confident that I have everything I need to accomplish what He gives me to do. It's just that sometimes He may ask me to make new and different "mixtures" in order to arrive at an outcome, instead of falling back on my old tried-and…

Is it SPRING yet?

Royal Garden, gouache on mat board, 2.5" x 3.5"
Heather, gouache on mat board, 3.5" x 2.5"
The refreshing of the earth is a gift from God, isn't it? It's so good to stand at the door and sense spring coming. I'm so ready for it! I want warm air caressing my face and arms and the sweet scent of flowers on the breeze. Spring--when you turn the heater on in the car in the morning and the air conditioner in the afternoon, wear a sweater out but come home in shirt sleeves, or bask with a steaming cup of coffee in the morning sun but enjoy that tall iced tea in the afternoon. Delicious time...coming soon. It's on the wind. Praise God!