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A New Home

I don't think anyone has been hanging out here breathlessly checking to see why I haven't posted in a while, but for the record I've been in the throes of moving. We sold our house in the mountains, where we've lived for 15 years, and moved to a small rental house in the city. It's been a challenge all the way, although the Lord has been evident througout the whole process. We now live in half the space we had, in a house that's almost 100 years old, in the midst of what's called the 'student ghetto', a less than affluent but definitely mixed area of rentals and one-owner homes. The house to one side of ours stands as a burned out shell, and the two other houses behind ours on the same piece of property are inhabited by much younger people than we are, logically a part of the student population. There's a lovely, well-maintained house on the other side.

How has the Lord made Himself known to us? We're in the process of beginning a ministry to…