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Who's Your Daddy? by Priscilla Shirer

He is the First and the Last The Beginning and the End He’s the Keeper of creation And the Creator of all He’s the Architect of the universe and the Manager of all time
He always was, always is always will be
Unmoved, unchanged, undefeated and never undone
He was bruised, but brought healing He was pierced, but eased pain He was persecuted, but brought freedom He was dead and brings life He has risen to bring power and He reigns to bring peace
The world can’t understand Him Armies can’t defeat Him Schools can’t explain Him and leaders they can’t ignore Him
Herod couldn’t kill Him Nero couldn’t crush Him The new age cannot replace Him and Oprah cannot explain Him away
He is Light, He is Love, He is Longevity and He is the Lord
He is goodness and kindness and faithfulness and He is God
He is holy and righteous and powerful and pure
His ways are right His word eternal His will unchanging and His mind is on us
He’s our Savior Our Guide, Our Peace, Our Joy, Our Comfort