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One Another House on July 4th

This morning I lay in the twilight of sleep, slowly rousing. The fan was making lazy circles overhead and I could smell a hint of wet grass through the open window. The cool sheets felt good as I dozed. Again, I was transported back to the excitement of my childhood on the Fourth of July.

For a moment I was 10 again, in the little house on Howard Avenue. Mom and Dad were just getting moving. Our dog, Tippy, was barking. A screen door slammed. Probably the Wittenbrocks next door, going out to clean the pool for an afternoon of neighborhood kids. Someone was mowing the lawn, and I pictured the American flags fluttering in front of the houses on the block.

I knew we would swim and barbecue, play with sparklers and light black snakes. I loved watching that coil of black ash curl up out of the fire, growing longer until it finally broke with a dry tinkle on the pavement, leaving a black spot that was still there at Thanksgiving. Sparklers were fun, especially if you wrote your name in the…