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Moving to the One Another House

I'm coming up for air as I get ready to move. I can't imagine why I would suddenly want to write here when I'm so short on time and so pressed to do things, and after ignoring the blog for months on end. Maybe it's a displacement activity, one designed to let off steam sideways so I'm not blown forward or backward by it. Whatever...

We're moving into a wonderful new experience, as well as a different house. My husband and I will be sharing a house with young friends in their 30s who have two toddlers, both girls. We're all Christians, and although our striping is different now, we knew each other back when... So we're longtime friends who have shared some of the troubles that Christ has so richly blessed us with and come through knowing that we share the unity of the Spirit.

Which isn't to say it will all be easy! We expect to find daily challenges to bless us anew. We're calling it 'One Another House' in honor of all the one another st…