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WIP=Work In Progress

I heard not long ago that the inscription on Ruth Bell Graham's tomb reads:
"END OF CONSTRUCTION. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE."It started me thinking about the construction work the Lord is doing in my life and how it's a lot like a painting in progress. Let's face it, construction, like a partly done painting, can be quite a mess. I've had people walk into my studio at times and grimace at a painting on the easel. It's a misconception to think it looks good from start to finish. Trust me, it doesn't, and in fact every painting goes through its 'ugly stage' (see above.)

But I have a vision of the way it should look in the end, and in most cases I can complete a painting to my satisfaction. It pleases me to know where I'm heading and how I'll get there, even in the ugly phase.

My life has been going through an ugly stage lately, not because He lacks any skill or intention, but because the materials just have to be molded that way, it …