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manipulated images for worship series



As a godly woman I’m not to base decisions on impressions or feelings alone. I’m to seek God’s will on everything, and make decisions based on criteria that are far more biblical than mere feelings. My feelings are far too shallow to trust. I’m supposed to come to understand God’s will using a set of biblical principles.

George Mueller was a Christian man who started several orphanages in England in the mid-1800s. He based every decision on five steps, which he shared in a book called Answers to Prayer. These principles are straightforward and understandable, so I use them to help me decide what God’s will is for me. They go like this:
1) get your ‘self’ out of it, so that you have no will of your own;
2) don’t leave the result to feeling or simple impression;
3) let any leading from the Spirit line up with the Word, so you know it is biblical;
4) consider providential circumstances;
5) ask God in prayer to reveal His will;
6) do this two or three times, praying, studying the Word, reflectin…

Ephesians 6:13-18 -- The Armor of God


Let truth surround me,
Let righteousness defend me,
Let peace motivate me,
Let faith shield me,
Let salvation cover me,

Let the Word of God go forth.


A New Home

I don't think anyone has been hanging out here breathlessly checking to see why I haven't posted in a while, but for the record I've been in the throes of moving. We sold our house in the mountains, where we've lived for 15 years, and moved to a small rental house in the city. It's been a challenge all the way, although the Lord has been evident througout the whole process. We now live in half the space we had, in a house that's almost 100 years old, in the midst of what's called the 'student ghetto', a less than affluent but definitely mixed area of rentals and one-owner homes. The house to one side of ours stands as a burned out shell, and the two other houses behind ours on the same piece of property are inhabited by much younger people than we are, logically a part of the student population. There's a lovely, well-maintained house on the other side.

How has the Lord made Himself known to us? We're in the process of beginning a ministry to…


Sinuous shadows always intrigue me. I took the source photo for this one last summer at a paint-out in the valley. I saw the delicious shadow shapes as soon as I arrived and quickly stepped out of the car, camera in hand, to make sure the earliest sun was recorded. There’s a brilliant intensity to the light first thing in the morning that is so seductive.

I took the photo into Elements and played with it, changing the colors and intensifying the contrasts. I blurred it so that I couldn’t see anything but the light and dark shapes and that liquid turquoise color. I find that blurring it to the point that I can’t see any of the details helps me think in terms of shapes defined by value, enhanced by color. Of course, all I have to do is take off my glasses and place the photo across the room. I’m decidedly nearsighted, still able to read the fine print without glasses, but my distance vision is bad.

I painted it on a new product that Richeson sent me, Gatorboard covered with a gesso and pu…

Isaiah 66:2-4: A Christian (Who is an Artist)

Have you ever made a sacrifice to God and later found out it was one in which He didn’t delight? I started to think about that today as I read this section in the book of Isaiah. The Lord is speaking of sacrifices that He finds abominable—human sacrifice among them—but I stopped short when I reached this verse, “…And chose that in which I do not delight.” People were going about the rituals of the day with a laissez-faire attitude, not a heart level gift to God. I want to delight God, don’t you? I’m not planning any human sacrifices, so I don’t think God will find what I give abominable, but I want what I give Him to be good and pleasing.

Okay, I know that Jesus gave Himself as the perfect sacrifice for all my sin, so I don’t have any debt to God that way, but this bit of verse in Isaiah stopped me cold because the Lord pretty clearly and succinctly defined what He wants up in verse 2, “But on this one will I look: on him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at My wor…