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"Bloom where you are planted."

All my life I've heard the saying, "bloom where you are planted," but today as I was taking my walk I started meditating on it. I think it's misleading...

Maybe my take on it is wrong, but when I hear it I assume that I should be content where I am, and that I should also, well, bloom. Even if I'm in the shade I should be bearing flowers or fruit. Even if it's cold and wintry, as a happy little plant I could make things better and bear some fruit. Even if I'm planted in the desert in very dry conditions, I should be blooming, assuming I'm doing this all correctly.

Isn't that what you think when you hear it? I know--I should simply accept my unchangeable surroundings and make the best of them. Accept the inevitable and make do. Find the good aspects of the situation and bear a little fruit...

It seems to presume that I can and should bloom despite where I am.

But I can't always.

My point is, "bloom where you are planted" implies th…