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Easel Basics

I'm busy writing an article that includes a lot of information about easels, and as I pondered what to write the Lord seemed to whisper a small thought about what an easel represents. I can't include this in the article, of course, since the magazine is about art, not faith, but I want to share it here.

What's an easel for? It's the structure that your artwork leans on, the place where it's supported as it's painted. My board or canvas leans against the strong, stable upright piece, held securely in place so that my strokes don't go astray. It keeps my work at eye level, directly under the light so I can see clearly as I add large, sweeping strokes or small, delicate details. It's always there, waiting for me to start another painting or work on one in progress, standing quietly in the studio until I'm ready to spend some time before it.

I wouldn't be the first to liken an easel to an altar. In a primitive sense it could easily seem to be the p…