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Sculpture or Painting?

I was thinking about how the Lord shapes our lives, crafting His kids' experiences to point us in one direction or another or to help us grow straight and true. I found myself musing over how that process is His creative act, with my life and that of everyone I interact with as His medium. I know it's an imperfect metaphor, but stay with me.

There are times when I sense God's hand shaping me and very often it feels like a God-sized chisel and mallet swinging down to form my character, my family and church, and all my surroundings. But I recognize that this simply cannot be the swing of His arm crashing down on my life or I'd be utterly destroyed.

As I mused on, it became clear to me that the hammer blows are really just the gentle swish of His paintbrush toning my life, repainting certain bits, adding a new layer of color, touching up a detail here and there. Why would I not be delighted to bathe in lavender, be covered with green or awash in orange? Up close they on…