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Bloom or Die?

Not a terribly glorious geranium, is it?

We moved a month or so ago and this poor plant hasn't had a lot of attention lately. In fact, I plunked it down on a wall where it gets part shade and part sun, and radically cut back the stems. We're in an arid spot with a lot of wind and heat. I've given it leftover dishwater.

Yesterday I looked out and saw this little flower lifting its head. I chuckled derisively, recalling the lush foliage and beautiful blooms it's had before.

But it started me thinking. Does it matter what this plant used to be? Just because in other circumstances it has dazzled people, does that obligate it to continue? I don't think so.

It's been stressed by the changes, but it's still alive. This little flower is a valiant effort in light of the circumstances. Blooming is the plant's raison d'ĂȘtre. Last year the leaves were abundant, but I don't think it gave one flower.

I'm not here to discuss horticulture--you can give me …