A New Home

I don't think anyone has been hanging out here breathlessly checking to see why I haven't posted in a while, but for the record I've been in the throes of moving. We sold our house in the mountains, where we've lived for 15 years, and moved to a small rental house in the city. It's been a challenge all the way, although the Lord has been evident througout the whole process. We now live in half the space we had, in a house that's almost 100 years old, in the midst of what's called the 'student ghetto', a less than affluent but definitely mixed area of rentals and one-owner homes. The house to one side of ours stands as a burned out shell, and the two other houses behind ours on the same piece of property are inhabited by much younger people than we are, logically a part of the student population. There's a lovely, well-maintained house on the other side.

How has the Lord made Himself known to us? We're in the process of beginning a ministry to the homeless, the major reason we moved down here to the city, and it doesn't surprise me that God has arranged to give us a born-again believer with a heart for evangelism for a landlord. We don't know when or how, but we're beginning to sense that there will come a time when all three of the houses owned by our landlord might be inhabited by other believers, perhaps those who truly need shelter, or missionaries or teachers and preachers of the Word. Who knows?

I don't have a studio yet. There's a small room in the house that will eventually be adapted to this use, with wonderful light from the east and north, and a funky old window into the living room. I stood out there today envisioning where I'll put the easel, a mirror, my 'new' taboret (it's an old piece adapted to this new use), and the cabinet that I will stuff with my supplies. It's small but chummy, a place I'll enjoy. I can't believe I've actually cut down the size of the space I'm using, especially since my mountain studio was featured in more than one issue of a magazine devoted to how to function in a 'small' studio. Smaller still feels just right at the moment, however.

As soon as I can begin to paint again I'll share new work. It still might be a while...so, just in case there is someone breathlessly waiting, please don't turn blue. The wheels grind slow but exceedingly fine. All will be well.


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