Soft pastel, 8x10"

This is a painting I've had for a while but I love the simple expression of gratitude. One of the pastors from our church 'posed' for my camera when I asked him to show me how he prayed. I think I captured the sincerity and fervency that characterize his life and walk with the Lord Jesus. May we all be so sincerely and fervently thankful!


  1. Donna, thanks for commenting on my blog..I came over here to your blog to have a! Beautiful work..I love everything you do! You do indeed have a beautiful gift and I am glad that you are sharing it with the world!
    p.s. I get to hang out with Kitty Wallis all the time! She is a great influence!

  2. Hi Celeste--thanks... Kitty is an incredible painter. I use her paper almost all the time, of course, but just last Thursday I also used a Createx underpainting for one of my pieces, which is something she inspired me to try. Say hi for me next time you see her...


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