Beautiful Storms

Storm Clouds, 3x4.5" on Somerset Black Velvet paper

I'm enjoying these explorations with gouache so much. I have some very blurry images on my computer from a (now defunct, sadly) web camera in the area of my home. The view was of Sandia, showing the progression of weather over the mountain throughout the day in hyper-speed. I loved being able to see the cloud formations come and go. I used one of those images as inspiration for this one.

As it notes in the title of my blog, this is a record of the clearing skies of my life, but we all have to endure storms. I'm so thankful that the Lord uses the trials and troubles of life to remind me to snuggle up to Him a little closer, which is the only real comfort there is for me! As Jesus said, "In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." So the rain will fall but I look it as merely scenic when I remember to run into His arms and not be afraid of the future.


  1. Hi, Deborah,
    Oh, I love the texture of the clouds!
    Also, the interaction of the cloud colors and the land colors. The streak of purple/pink is so delicate in the harshness of the storm! Also, I like the reflection/interaction of the dark cloud bottom and the dark mountains and the green of the vegetation and the areas of green in the clouds. Lovely!
    Elsie Wilson

  2. Thanks, Elsie! I liked this one, too, but when I sat down and looked at it last night I just had to edit it... I posted that version above, so you can see what came of it. But I really appreciate your enthusiasm!

  3. I love the engery of the painting; the sweeping brush strokes in the clouds illustrates the power of a raging storm. But the colors you've used brings a contrasting sense of calm. There is both turbulence and peace; which reminds me that Jesus is our peace in the midst of the storms of life.

  4. fantastic painting. Really moving!


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