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A Loving Father and the 1930 Yearbook

My mom is 97, fairly healthy, and lives with us. Not long ago she and I went out together on the Internet to look at her old hometown of Council Bluffs, Iowa. She hasn't lived there since the 40s but it's still 'home' to her, of course. There are a lot of memories tied up in the place where you grew up.

We spent some time looking at Abraham Lincoln High School and I found a link on the Pottawatamie County Genealogical Society's page where you could request photographs. Her graduation year, 1930, was listed, so I sent off a request, mentioning that Mom had never received a copy of her yearbook. I forgot about it until today when I received an email telling me... well, here, read for yourself:

Hi, You are in luck - we have a spare 1930 AL yearbook. I find your mother pictured, so pretty. If you want to purchase the book we ask $10.00 plus $2.00 postage and handling.Now, I'm not so sure it's luck at play here! Mom tells a story about how she never purchased a ye…