Two-Track Autumn

Just thought I'd post my latest gouache, which is GIGANTIC! What? Doesn't it read as that big?

Well, for me it seems plenty big. In fact, it's twice the size of my usual gouache landscapes.

5" x 3.5"

As I said, GIGANTIC!

Okay, so it doesn't seem all that big to you, but to me it seems quite large. Ever think about how gigantic something seems to you, and how really small it is to God?

Watchman Nee is quoted as saying:
 "Why do so many Christians pray such tiny prayers when their God is so big?"
Hmmm, maybe my painting is tiny after all.


  1. I cannot imagine having the patience to work on a piece so small and get so much detail in it! (Sort of like what our Creator has done with us). I have never tried gouache but it looks like something I might enjoy...none of the dust or fumes of pastels or oils. And its more forgiving than classic watercolor. And I love forgiveness!!!

  2. :) Yep, I do too, Mary. And I love your observations. Thanks!


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