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The Beloved Stuffed Animal

My son had a stuffed bear that he carried with him incessantly as a child. This lump of formerly soft white fuzz became torn, filthy, and lost a lot of stuffing over time. I tried to clean Gundy (as we came to call him, for he was indeed a Gund bear,) but it was a losing battle. He smelled rather pungent up close, but the scent of boy, dirt, bedtime bottles and various other aromatic additions was uniquely beloved. Every night the bear slept with the boy--in fact the bear became the pillow.

Without more than a thought I can see, feel and smell Gundy...and the sleepy toddler in his jammies, hair awry, clutching him. My now-24 year old son still has him, for he is much beloved even now. Time can't change that.

Just because the stuffing has been knocked out of you, and the dirt of this world has turned what was once pure and soft to stiff, matted gray, just because you've landed in the dirt and come up worse for wear, do you think Jesus loves you any less than the boy loves the…

A New Song, Please!

Have you ever had a silly song go through your mind over and over and over? We all have, I think. I woke up with one plaguing my mind this morning. It's old and has a slightly 'naughty' context, not outright rude or nasty, just not the kind of song I want to dwell on.

I started thinking about how the temptation to sin is a lot like that endlessly repeated song. Although consciously I don't want to hear it any more, at the slightest inattention I find myself humming the dratted thing again.

I prayed and asked the Lord to replace it with a worship song, but He didn't deliver me from it. Temptation is like that. I can ask God to take it away but the moment my mind slips into neutral the tune wafts through my mind and out onto my lips. We may pray "lead me not into temptation", but the song is still there...

I need to replace this tune, the temptation, with another one that's healthy and good. I need to choose what will go in its place, and then listen …