Love Learning

 "Don't attempt to master a painting. 
Love the attempt."

I stole--er, borrowed this quote from Carol Marine's blog today.  I like it.

I'm in the throes of trying some new things in gouache on my tiny little pieces of paper, and having a ball despite my failed attempts.

I often fall to the feeling that I must MASTER this painting right now. I can see it, I know what I want to have happen, so it must now work.

But it doesn't--not when I force it.

It only starts to come together when my attitude becomes one of a child on an adventure, exploring possibilities, learning from my mistakes, and growing slowly in my understanding.

And of course, that often describes my walk with Christ.

I've tried to buckle down and behave myself, and good behavior is important, but my attempt isn't what makes it work. It's when I surrender control to Him--again and again and again and again--and ask to be shown the way and given what's needed that I progress. When I walk like a child, learning, trusting God, growing slowly, I progress.

So my prayer has become one of surrender:
Lord, I intend to obey
and submit 
and let go of anger 
and not be conformed to this world. 
Please firm me in this intention 
and strengthen me in Your power to enact it.


  1. Deborah, thank you for your thoughts on your walk with Christ......this is exactly what I needed to hear today.

  2. You're welcome, Maggie! May you walk like a child with Him... :)

  3. I agree with you in your prayer, Deborah. So much boils down to humility--both in our walk with God and in our art, doesn't it?

  4. Oh, I meant to say that I like the painting you posted as well. The thoughtful pose goes well with the sentiments you expressed.

  5. Thanks, Janene! Humility...yep, that's it.

  6. It is only by God's Spirit that we accomplish anything worthy. He is the giver of all things-seen and unseen. Yes, it is by His power alone. And then the glory goes to the right place-to Him...and for Him.

  7. Sniveling half assed christian hypocrite. Loser in the highest sense. Old whore looking for redemption and assuaging your previous debauched life. I shit christ your lord into the holy water of my toilet.

  8. "Greyseal", I'll cop to being a hypocrite, loser, and a debauched 'whore' in one sense, in the past, yes. ('Old' we can debate! Eternity is a long time.) You have my prayers. May Christ my Lord redeem you, as he has redeemed me of all my sin.

    Father, please forgive this person for these offenses. Thank You for having paid the price for this one, who is anonymous to me but well known to You. In the name of Christ I pray. Amen.


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