Shepherds, Deserts, Flowers and Sheep

In His Arms, 24x30", pastel
It's been a long time since I've written here.


In part, I didn't think I had anything more to say that was of real value to anyone. This isn't false modesty or fishing for affirmation. I KNOW my worth in Christ and that He sometimes uses me to speak.

It's been a dry time, however. Desert plants turn all their energy inward, conserving what's given them to be able to bloom when the time comes.

I hope that applies to me. I think it does.

I'm laughing now because I just looked back to my previous post! The season to bloom is coming, not because of anything I've done but because God has provided the ideal conditions to grow me.

It seems some desert plants die if they get too much water. I may have felt kind of dessicated the last few months, but in fact I've been gathering strength beneath the surface.

Odd segue here, but stay with me...

The reason I decided to post now is because I just came upon the painting above. No, I never intended the shepherd to be Jesus, just a Middle Eastern shepherd holding his lamb. However, when I painted it back in 2004 I fully intended that lamb to represent me. Please notice that she's safe in her shepherd's arms, and although she isn't really hurting she is complaining loudly and long.

I should paint a companion piece now, featuring a lamb who is just glad to be where she is. It's so nice to have your heavenly Shepherd carry you. I'm resting in His arms in a way I couldn't in the past. He needed to let me get really thirsty on a long, dry, dusty road.

Psalm 23 says " He leads me beside still waters..." I'm glad to be there.

Now I want to curl up in His arms, or quietly follow Him. I wonder where we're going next? 


  1. It's good to see you posting here again, Deborah! I have missed your reflections. I can identify with the "season in the desert" too...but there is always a time of rest as well as growth there too. Welcome back..

  2. Deborah, I would like to see more of my Father's WORD posted on your site. thevaliantx

  3. TVX, thanks for the encouragement. Today I posted again.


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